Max Performer Review – READ THIS Before You Order….

Max Performer

Do you suffer from low libido, lack of stamina and weak erections?

Do you want bigger and harder erection? Do you want high libido, stamina, and performance that will blow your lovers mind?

Look no further because there is a solution and that solution is Max Performer.

If you want to satisfy your lover more than ANY other man has EVER done before then keep reading.

Welcome to the NYBA Max Performer review.

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What Is Max Performer?

Max Performer is a male enhancement supplement that is taking the industry by storm.

It is the flagship product of an innovative company called Silver Blade Nutrition LTD.

Silver Blade Nutrition LTD claims that Max Performer can help to:

  • Increase libido
  • Boost stamina and performance
  • Increase erection strength and size
  • Intensify orgasms and ejaculation volume
  • Increase sexual pleasure

However, it’s important to mention that Max Performer is NOT for everyone.

If you are thinking about buying Max Performer we recommend that you read every single word on this page.

How Does It Work?

Max Performer contains a blend of 12 different ingredients.

Every single ingredient has been carefully chosen and they work synergistically for maximum sexual enhancement.

Max Performer Ingredients

Horny Goat Weed

Horny Goat WeedAlso known as it’s scientific name Epimedium, Horny Goat Weed is a herb that originates from China.

15 different species of this herb are all known as “yin yang Huo” in Chinese Medicine.

Horny Goat Weed is believed to help boost libido and erections in men with mild to medium sexual performance issues.

This herb contains a compound called Icariin which works in the same way (although not as powerful) as Viagra. [1]

Although there is limited scientific research [2] to support the claimed benefits of Horny Goat Weed the actual user reviews [3] speak for themselves.


MacaMaca is also known by its scientific name Lepidium meyenii and grows naturally at high altitude in the mountains in Peru.

The roots of the plant are traditionally used to boost energy, stamina, sex drive [4] and fertility [5].

Although many studies on this Maca are in the early stages, the initial results show that Maca can have a positive effect on male sexual health.

Korean Red Ginseng

Korean Red GinsengKorean or Red Ginseng is a plant that grows in Asia.

The roots of the plant are used to create supplements which claim to increase energy, alertness and help treat mild ED.

Although studies are still on-going current results [6] show a positive effect on men with erectile dysfunction.

Korean Red Ginseng has not been approved by the FDA for treating sexual dysfunction.


CordycepsCordyceps is a type of mushroom that grows on the larvae of insects.

Supplements that contain Cordyceps are becoming increasingly popular due to the many reported health benefits.

Cordyceps can help to increase sexual performance by increasing the production of ATP which delivers energy to the muscles.

Studies [7] show this can improve the way your body uses oxygen during exercise.

Max Performer also contains Bioperine, Selenium, Iron, Zinc, Vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6, and B12.

What Results Can You Expect?

Based on user results and feedback you can expect to enjoy benefits such as bigger and harder erections, increased libido, stamina, pleasure, and performance.


  • Top-rated male enhancement supplement
  • A unique and potent formula
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • 100% safe
  • No side effects
  • Real user testimonials and results
  • Outstanding customer support
  • 100-day money-back guarantee


  • Not cheap – this is a premium supplement
  • Takes time to start working
  • You can only order from the official website.

Max Performer – Buyers Guide

Max Performer is a premium male enhancement supplement and you can only order direct from the official website:

You will not find the Max Performer brand being sold in stores such as GNC or Walmart and you will not find Max Performer sold on eBay or Amazon.

If you see Max Performer for sale anywhere apart from the official website then there is a high chance that it’s a counterfeit copy and could be dangerous to use.

When you order Max Performer you get a choice of the following packages.

1 Month Supply ($69) – This deal is best for guys who just want to test the supplement out before ordering a bigger package.

3 Month Supply ($138) – This is best for guys who want maximum results.

6 Month Supply ($200) – This is best for guys who want maximum savings.

Some of the payment options include credit/debit card and Paypal and you can place your order securely online.

Silver Blade Nutrition LTD ships from the USA and the UK and offers FREE worldwide shipping on all orders.

Max Performer Review: Final Thoughts

Max Performer is a high-quality male enhancement supplement.

If you are looking for a natural daily supplement for increasing sexual performance then look no further.

However, if you are looking for an instant solution that works after just 45 minutes then Max Performer is not the best supplement for you.

Max Performer comes with a 100-day money-back guarantee so you can use Max Performer for up to 90 days without risk.

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Max Performer FAQ

Please see below for some of the most common questions related to Max Performer. If you have another question please let us know.

What Is The Correct Dosage and How To Take Max Performer?

According to the manufacturer, you should take 2 tablets at the same time each morning. They recommend that you take them 15 minutes before food with a large glass of water.

How Fast Will You See Results?

You should start to feel the effects in the first few days with results getting better the longer you take it.

Best results are experienced after several months of daily use.

We recommend at least a 3 month supply for best results.

For the biggest savings you should order a 6 month supply.

What About Side Effects?

Max Performer is a dietary supplement that contains natural ingredients.

You may however experience side effects if you are on existing medication.

You should always consult your doctor in these situations.

Does Max Performer Increase Size?

Max Performer is a male enhancement supplement that works by increasing blood flow to your penis.

This can boost the appearance of your erections and make it appear slightly thicker and longer.

However, Max Performer is NOT a solution for permanent Penis Enlargement.

Once you stop taking the supplement your results will revert back to normal.