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Let’s be honest… we’ve ALL fantasised about having a bigger dick. Yep, even those guys who are hung like a donkey.

And this isn’t because you’re greedy, ungrateful or want the biggest package in the changing room. No. The truth is – we associate bigger dicks with better sex lives; improved confidence/self-esteem and increased longevity in the sack. So if you’re struggling to get it up or satisfy your partner; then it is only natural that your ears would perk up at the idea of improving the goods.

But is there any truth to this? For instance, can increasing the length of your penis really help to transform your sex life?

In many ways, YES it can!

Add a couple more inches to your dick, and not only will you benefit from increased blood flows – ensuring rock hard erections that last (as you try to fill up this extra space) – you can also guarantee that your partner will experience increased stimulation and stronger orgasms, as you’ll be able to penetrate deeper and more powerfully into her body.

But that is not all…

The knowledge that you’re packing all of this extra ‘potential’ will instantly eliminate any lingering self-doubt or nerves, enabling you to focus on the moment: bringing you both to new heights of ecstasy!

Sounds great, right? So how can you make it happen? How can you achieve permanent penile gains without having to undergo a knife?

One of the easiest and safest ways to do this is with penis extenders. Designed to gently apply traction to your penis, with regular use they can help strengthen your erections and increase your penile length by a 1-2 inches – forever!

Yet we don’t just expect you to take our word for it. You want real and credible proof that they work.
That is why alongside explaining the science behind these devices; we have also reviewed the top 3 penis extenders currently on the market. With this knowledge, you can then decide – on your own terms – if they are worth pursuing.

Quick List: Top 3 Penis Extenders

Rated #1 – Quick Extender Pro – Click For Best Price

Rated #2 – Phallosan Forte – Click For Best Price

Rated #3 – SizeGenetics – Click For Best Price

What Are Penis Extenders and How Do They Work?

Penis extenders allow you to non-invasively increase the size of your penis by gently applying traction to the surface of your dick. As your dick stretches, this causes the tissues in your corpora cavernosa to split and duplicate, which – with time – will gradually add mass to your penis, making it look visibly longer.

In three months, users have reported gains of over 1.5cm when flaccid, whilst others have witnessed 1-2 inch fluctuations when erect.

The trick is to use them daily for around eight hours, for a minimum of three to six months to ensure that you achieve noticeable results.

Another perk to using penis extenders, is their ability to reduce deformities and help in the treatment of Peyronie’s disease. This is due to all those new cells amassing in your dick (following this traction technique). As they build up, they can also help to straighten your penis and reduce the appearance of curvatures.

Penis Extenders VS Surgery – What’s The Difference?

Now, whilst it is true that penis extenders and penis enlargement surgery can both help you to achieve permanent penile gains; the way they manage this is vastly different.


Whilst it is still common for doctors to use surgery to help correct defects; treat penile injuries and improve penile function; it is rare that it ever gets recommended for increasing the length and girth of your dick.
This is due to the many risks involved…

You see, this procedure consists of first cutting the ligament which attaches your penis to your pubic bone, before performing a skin graft at the base of your penis. Combined, this can increase your penile length by up to 2cm when flaccid, but produce no change when you’re erect.

Now, on the surface, this procedure sounds simple enough. Snip, stitch and you’re on your way.

The problems arise after…

Not only is there a danger of infection, scarring and loss of function (thanks, but no thanks); the grafting process doesn’t always take. This means, should your body fail to accept this graft and keep blood flowing into it; you could end up with a lump of dead skin attached to your dick.

Likewise, when erect, your penis will no longer point as high as it did due to the ligament they cut. And this can prove annoying as it will affect your angle of penetration, making sex less comfortable.

Now, technically there is another surgical technique you could try which involves injecting fat from one part of your body into your penis.

This technique eliminates the risk of deformity and has been reported to add 1.4-4cm in girth. However, this isn’t a long term fix. Many men have reported suffering from disfigurements, scarring, lumpiness and infection, due to the fat re-absorbing itself into the body.

Penis Extenders

Like we mentioned earlier, penis extenders work by gently applying traction to your penis. By first strapping it into the device, and then slowly altering the tension, you will begin to feel a light stretch.

As this pressure builds, this will cause the tissues in your corpora cavernosa to begin dividing, multiplying and increasing in mass.

This added mass, not only creates more space for your penis to hold additional blood – meaning once erect your erections will be powerfully strong – these additional tissues will make your dick look visibly bigger.

How does it work?

The daily application of traction to your dick can cause small microscopic tears to form along your shaft (NOTE: this is pain free – promise) triggering mitosis – the repetitive division of existing tissues – and cytokinesis.

As cells split away from your corpora cavernosa, not only are you left with fissures in need of repair; when your body starts to heal itself, these new tissues try to fill in this gap encouraging natural and permanent gains in length and girth.

How Fast Do Penis Stretchers Work?

This will depend on you and how consistently you use the device. For instance, wear it for 4-8 hours every day and you WILL begin seeing noticeable results within the first two weeks. However, fail to stick to its recommended guidelines, and your gains WILL be smaller.

It is all of matter of how committed you are to enhancing your dick size.


  • Within the first two weeks you will see a notable difference in your erection strength and size.
  • By the end of your first month, you will see a small increase in length (whip out a ruler if you don’t believe us – the evidence will just be detectable).
  • Within the first 6 months you will see average gains of 28-30% in length – and these gains are PERMANENT.

An Overview on Expected Results?

The primary goal of penis extenders is to naturally – and permanently – increase your penile length. In fact, users have reported penile boosts of up to 28-30% in just 6 months.

Yet, this is not all you can look forward to…

All this added mass in your corpora cavernosa will also encourage elevated blood flows into your dick (when you’re aroused), resulting in thicker, harder more powerful erections that last.

Best Penis Extenders 2020 Edition

#1 – Quick Extender Pro

Quick Extender Pro comes in first, as in just 3-6 months you can safely and naturally achieve permanent penis enlargement gains.

This non-invasive traction device harnesses a patented “Double Strap” system created from medical grade materials that help create tension and increase your size.

Its double strap is particularly helpful, as not only does it maximize traction and penis growth – the durability of this design makes it light and easy to wear for several hours a day without issues.

With this device you can expect:

  • First two weeks – harder, fuller erections. Its continuous stretch will enable your penile chambers to hold more blood when aroused.
  • In your first month – you will witness penile boosts of up to 6%.
  • By the end of month two – you will see penile gains of 0.25-0.5 inches (this includes girth).
  • By month 6 you will see improvements of up to 30%.
  • Long term use can help to correct penis curvature.

What we especially love about this device, is that it is 100% painless (thanks to its double strap design and comfort pads); 100% discreet; causes no nasty side effects; comes with a 6 month money back guarantee, and can be worn beneath your clothes. In fact, you can control how much tension you apply so you can adjust it to your own preferences.

Better still, it requires zero maintenance. Instead, you can take advantage of its lifetime quality warranty and can keep replenishing its parts as and when you need to.

In other words, it covers all the bases, offering you a safe and efficient way to permanently increase your penis size by up to 30% in just 180 days.

And who can say no to such odds?

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#2 – Phallosan Forte

Phallosan Forte
Phallosan Forte differs from average penis extenders as it uses a clinically proven vacuum protector system to help permanently elongate your penis.

This risk free system – which essentially acts as a vacuum stretch belt – can easily be worn for up to 8 hours a day, and can produce noticeable results in just a few months. It is so comfortable you can even wear it whilst you sleep; removing the need to wear it when you’re out and about.

Instead, you can discreetly wear it night or day (whenever is convenient for you), and can achieve the lasting penile gains that you crave.

How does it work?

Phallosan Forte differs from most penis extenders because alongside stretching your penis and triggering microscopic tears (which then repair and create new tissue mass); this orthopaedic device also requires that you place your penis within a vacuum cover first, before putting into it the traction system.

Once in place, this device will begin gently applying constant tension across the length of your dick – leading to the microscopic tears and repairs in your penile tissues that we mentioned earlier – whilst also creating an unnoticeable vacuum that helps to stimulate blood flows.

Sounds simple enough, right?

Well, that is what is so appealing about this particular penis extender as this medical device can quickly and efficiently help to lengthen your penis without causing any nasty side effects.

Instead, you can confidently wear Phallosan Forte and also benefit from:

  • Reductions in erectile dysfunction.
  • Corrections in penile curvatures.
  • Thicker, stronger erections that are built to last.
  • Increases in length and girth within 3 months.
  • A choice of three tension strengths – green (low tension), yellow (medium tension) and red (high tension). This means, you will be in complete control of how much tension is applied to your dick.

True, the presence of a vacuum protector may seem a little usual. After all, if it is so effective at maximizing comfort, why doesn’t anyone else use it?

However, despite these variations in design; there is no disputing that this device can get the job done. From adding inches to improving erection quality and longevity; day or night, you can confidently leave this traction device to perform its magic and get on with your day.

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#3 – SizeGenetics

Possibly one of the best-known penis extenders in existence; the only reason this traction device has come in third is due to its price.

However, this is fairly easy to overlook when you take into account the fact that SizeGenetics is: 1) created from the finest premium quality materials on the market and 2) is backed by years of extensive testing (both medical and clinical).

If anything, you could say that it has got every right to be expensive:

SizeGenetics is used by penis enlargement surgeons – how many other devices can make sure a claim? Not many…

They can provide you with clinical, documented proof that it CAN increase your penis size by inches.

It can produce average penile gains of 29% in 24 weeks.

How does it work?

Similar to Quick Extender Pro, SizeGenetics works by creating a steady amount of constant tension along the length your penis. By encouraging your corpora cavernosa to gently stretch, this causes small micro tears to occur, which in turn encourages your cells to duplicate (pull away and split).

As these micro tears start to heal, these newly duplicated cells try to fill in this space (these fissures) leading to natural gains in penile length and girth – as this same process keeps repeating itself day after day i.e. stretch – tear – repair – grow.

And it works…

Alongside adding valuable inches to the length of your dick; this increased tissue mass will enable your corpora cavernosa to hold more blood, producing thicker, harder, more powerful erections with greater longevity.

In other words, SizeGenetics can revolutionize your sex life.

But that is not all this penis extender can do. It can also offer you:

  • 2,800gram of traction – 50% more than any other extender! And this is great news for your dick, as this means you can witness bigger and faster results.
  • A 100% safe, painless and risk free way to improve your erectile health.
  • Instant reassurance as it is a registered medical type 1 device that has been approved by the FDA.
  • A straighter dick – this device is renowned for improving/correcting penile curvatures (caused by Peyronie’s).
  • The tools to overcome micro-penises and erectile dysfunction.
  • Peace of mind – as it is a clinically proven and has got numerous medical endorsements.

Add all of these components together and there is no denying that SizeGenetics has got a lot of potential.

With the promise of clinical testing, medical grade components and a proven traction system; you can try this device rest assured that it CAN help you to safely increase your penis size by up to 29% – forever!

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Final Thoughts

Truthfully? Any one of these three devices can help you to safely and painlessly achieve the penile gains that you want within a matter of months.

However, if we had to pick one then Quick Extender Pro is the clear winner.

Affordable, easy to use and clinically proven to produce gains of up to 30% in 6 months; this medical grade penis extender can help you to safely overcome issues with penile curvatures and micropenises, and achieve real, visible AND permanent results.

It is truly the complete package to transforming your sex life; improving blood flows, and producing stronger, more powerful erections. So if you’re looking for a lasting solution, then why not give Quick Extender Pro a try?

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