Phallosan Forte Review

Phallosan Forte Review

You’ve made the decision. You know what you want – that you want to try a penis extender – but you’re not sure where to start.

This feeling of indecision is only natural…

With so many products to choose from, you need time to wade through your options; weigh up the pros and cons and decide which is the best fit for you. It is your dick after all – you want to get it right.

So how can you get there? How can you save time; escape all the duds, and ensure that you’re making the right choice, for all the right reasons?

The first step is not being afraid to read reviews such as the one listed below.

Reviews are a great way to navigate this minefield and discover what penis extenders are all about. From their mechanics to their health benefits; reviews can give you the inside scoop to what makes them tick and more importantly, what you need to be wary of.

With that in mind, why not take a look at our review for Phallosan Forte?

Unique, medically tested and proven to help users to naturally enhance their penis length, size and virility; Phallosan Forte is more than your average penis extender.

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What Is Phallosan Forte?

Phallosan Forte is a clinically proven traction device that – thanks to its incorporation of a vacuum protector system – can help you to safely, naturally and permanently increase your penis size.

You see, unlike traditional penis extenders that focus solely on the application of traction. Phallosan Forte differs because it also strives to wrap your penis in a light vacuum. Together, this can help to amplify the amount of pressure placed upon your dick, speeding up its results.

And as you can guess, with more blood rushing to your dick – as it seeks to fill up your new and improved corpora cavernosa – you WILL achieve an erection to be proud of. One that is rock hard, thick and destined to stimulate and leave your partner gasping for more.

But that is not all…

This device is so comfortable and easy to use, you can even try wearing it whilst you’re asleep! Simply pop it on and you can get your 8 hours in whilst you’re in bed. Alternatively, you can wear it during the day, safe in the knowledge that it can be discreetly worn beneath your clothes. No one has to know!

How Does It Work?

We touched lightly on the subject of its vacuum protector system in the section above. Yet, it is important that you get to grips with it, as its presence is what makes Phallosan Forte so different from its competitors.

Now, most penis extenders choose to adopt a design that isn’t that dissimilar from those seen in orthopaedics – where they apply traction to your chosen area (in this case your penis).

The idea is – that by strapping your dick into the device, you can then adjust the tension until you feel a light stretch. NOTE: this is done by elongating the bars running either side of your penis. This isn’t meant to be painful but should create just enough of a stretch that you can feel tension running across the entire length of your dick. From here, you would then try to wear the device for up to 8 hours a day with the intention of increasing this tension as you become more accustomed to the extender.

Now, the above describes most penis extenders. Phallosan Forte takes this a step further with its inclusion of a vacuum belt. By creating a vacuum around your penis and then placing it into this traction device; this combination will heighten the distribution of tension, enabling you to witness faster gains in penile length and girth.

The Science:

You’re probably wondering how stretching your penis can lead to permanent enhancements in penis size. Well it can!
This is because this constant application of traction causes small microscopic tears to appear on your penis. These fissures prompt your penis to heal itself by causing your penile tissues to pull away, duplicate and create new cells. As these new cells accumulate – and fill in these fissures – you will begin to see distinct improvements to the length and girth of your dick.

Improvements that won’t fade away after a few hours but will stay with you permanently.

True, these gains won’t be instant. However, users have reported seeing noticeable differences within 3 months.

What Results Can You Expect?

Phallosan Forte can do more than enhance the size of your penis; it can also improve your penile health.

It all comes down to the added blood flows that you’ll benefit from as this device works to increase your size. As your penis grows in length – and it WILL permanently grow – this will create extra space within your corpora cavernosa, which will naturally fill with blood when you become aroused.

And as you can guess – with all of this added blood rushing to your penis, you will be able to achieve thicker, firmer, more powerful erections that are built to last.

But that is not all…

Alongside intensifying the strength and size of your dick, you can also confidently use Phallosan Forte to correct penile curvatures, reduce erectile dysfunction and say goodbye to premature ejaculation. Instead, you will be able be penetrate deeper and more forcibly, ensuring you both experience breath-taking orgasms.

How to Use Phallosan Forte

This device comes with three tension strengths that they have conveniently color coded so you can pick and choose which you want to start off with.

Personally, we recommend starting off with their green belt (low tension), before progressing to their yellow belt (medium tension) and finally their red belt (high tension).

With these belts, you can easily place your dick into the vacuum and then use these belts to secure your penis to the extender. Once in place, you will need to wear this device daily for up to 8 hours.

Do that and you will begin to see permanent increases to your length and girth within a matter of months.
The Key Pros and Cons of Phallosan Forte

Before you start using any device it is important that you know all the facts. Only once you’re aware of all the pros, cons and ins and outs of a product, can you truly decide if it is the right fit for you.

Phallosan Forte is no different… Even with all of its perks, there are some cons you need to be mindful of.


  • Can produce lasting penile gains – within 3 months your flaccid penis will have increased in size by 1.4 inches in length (1.6 inches when erect) and 0.55 inches in girth. By month 6, you could experience penile boosts of up to 1.9 inches.
  • Encourages thicker, harder more powerful erections.
  • It is classed as a medical device and has been scientifically proven since 2004.
  • Can help transform your sexual health – quickly, gently and efficiently.
  • No nasty side effects – its use of ultra-soft silicone protector caps will ensure that your glands and foreskin remain protected from bruising and irritation.
  • Can assist in the treatment/prevention of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and penis curvatures.
  • Incredibly discreet – can be worn comfortably day or night.
  • Cannot be seen beneath clothing.
  • Privacy – its plain, discreet packaging will ensure that no one – not even your friends, family or neighbours – knows what you have ordered.


  • Expensive – as is the case with a lot of penis extenders, Phallosan Forte is pricey and will make a dent on your wallet.
  • Results are not instantaneous – you will need to put in the work before you start seeing results, which is usually around month 3.
  • Discretion – fitting in 8 hours of daily wear without anyone finding out may prove difficult, especially if you live with your partner.

Where to Buy Phallosan Forte?

phallosan forte official website

There are a number of websites which claim to sell genuine Phallosan Forte. However, for complete peace of mind we recommend sticking to their official website.

Only with their official site can you experience the security of knowing that you are receiving an authentic Phallosan Forte device that is 100% safe and clinically tested.

Likewise, only with their official website can you take advantage of their money back guarantee and warranty.

Final Thoughts

The mechanics of Phallosan Forte may differ from that of your average penis extender; however, this difference in design is what makes it so good at its job.

By combining its vacuum belt system with continuous traction, you can achieve a stretch that is guaranteed to stimulate the permanent, natural penile gains that you crave.

The fact that you can increase your penile length by as much as 1.6 inches in three months, can make a massive difference to your sex life. Likewise, its ability to reduce erectile dysfunction and penile curvatures, can supply you with the confidence you need to succeed in the bedroom and rock her world.

Could it be cheaper? Of course! However, factor in its money back guarantee, warranty and use of medical grade materials, and it is easy to look past its pricing. If anything, Phallosan Forte has got a good reason to be pricey – it works!

So, if you’re looking for a safe, natural and permanent way to enhance your goods, why not take a look at Phallosan Forte today and let it work its magic on your dick?

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