Best Penis Pumps For Size Gains and Erection Strength In 2020

Top 4 Penis Pumps

If you are looking for the best penis pumps then you need to read this article to get the facts before you order.

In the past, poor pump designs and excessive use led to issues such as penile tissue damage and erection problems.

Yet, these risks have been completely eliminated – thanks to advancements in design – and in their wake have left a product that will give you a bigger and harder penis that’s capable of blowing your partner’s mind.

Not only are they quick to work, effective and easy to use; they are perfectly safe.

And this is the real difference…

However, we appreciate that you want more than simple words and assurances.

For this reason, we have compiled the following list of the best penis pumps to currently grace the market.

Come take a look and see their results for yourselves…

Top 4 Penis Pumps

Rated #1 – Bathmate HydroXtreme – Click For Best Price

Rated #2 – Penomet Premium Package – Click For Best Price

Rated #3 – Bathmate Hydromax – Click For Best Price

Rated #4 – Bathmate Hydro7  – Click For Best Price

What Are Penis Pumps and How Do They Work?

Penis Pumps are male enhancement devices that are designed to increase both length and girth quickly and safely.

The main idea behind penis pumps is to draw blood into your penis and make it swell, which will not only increase your penis size but will also make your erections much harder.

By placing your dick within an acrylic cylinder with a pump attached to the end; this enables you to draw air out of the cylinder and create a vacuum.

This vacuum then encourages blood to move into your shaft and make your penis swell and increase in size.

HydroPumps VS Air Pumps – What’s The Difference?

Remember how we mentioned that penis pump designs have improved for the better and no longer come with the risk of erectile tissue damage (and weakened erections)?

Well, we were referring to the arrival of HydroPumps.

These clever designs have truly revolutionized the market and have eliminated all the nasty side effects previously associated with air pumps.

Now, this is not to say that vacuum/air pumps are ALWAYS bad.

You could say that they work in very similar ways – one with water, one with air.

However, more and more consumers are leaning towards HydroPumps as they are distinctly more effective.

HydroPumps use water to help create suction pressure/a vacuum on the penis.

This pressure causes your dick to stretch outward, as well as forces blood to rush to your penis.

As a result, you’re left with a penis that looks longer and stands proudly erect.

In terms of design, HydroPumps are much simpler to use, as they don’t have any moving parts.

Instead, you can set it up with just one hand, making it a much more efficient device to use compared to traditional Air Pumps.

Countless studies and research have found HydroPumps to be better at producing results.

With their help, you can enjoy bigger penile gains (both in length and girth) within a shorter length of time.

How Fast Do HydroPumps Work?

We have to admit that it’S VERY impressive how fast HydroPumps work.

Just pop it on and you can literally ‘pump up’ your length and girth from your first attempt.

And this is vastly different from other male enhancements devices such as penis extenders which are designed to create gradual, yet permanent penile gains.

True, they work on the premise of creating lasting results – whilst penis pumps are more about the ‘now’ – however, the difference between their efficiency is too big to ignore.

In either case, HydroPumps are ideal for anyone looking for instant results.

In just 15 minutes, the pressure it creates will cause your dick to be flooded with blood producing thicker, harder and larger erections that are bound to make your partner orgasm over and over again.

PLEASE NOTE: these gains in length and girth are only temporary. Penis pumps are not made to give lasting results, meaning they WILL start to diminish after a few hours.

An Overview of Expected Results

The main thing to remember about HydroPumps – or any type of penis pump for that matter – is that their ultimate goal is to help you to experience rapid increases in penile length and girth from your very first use.

Simply use three times a day for 5 minutes with breaks in-between – so 15-20 mins in total – and you can witness rapid gains in penis size.

Gains of 1-3 inches are common with Hydro pumps.

Also, you can expect improvements in erection strength, longevity, and hardness from day one.

This is due to the vast amounts of blood this pressure system encourages to enter into your penis. This means you can combat erectile dysfunction (If that’s an issue) and will have more than enough staying power to satisfy her long into the night.

If anything, you will be equipped to go straight for round two as you’ll still be hard as she shudders away beneath you.

Best Penis Pumps 2020 Edition

#1 – Bathmate HydroXtreme


Bathmate HydroXtreme wins hands down in the penis pump department as it is widely known for its ability to produce the best results.

This makes it an instant go-to device for anyone serious about improving the strength, longevity, and size of their penis.

We also love its unique and advanced design, which is easily more effective than other top hydro pumps.

You see, unlike its competitors, this HydroPump series utilizes easy to use handballs and valves in order to maximize pressure and ensure impressive gains.

Likewise, the fact that it contains 5 different sized pumps, means EVERYONE can use it and find the perfect fit for them.

There is no fear of it being too big or too small.

Instead, you can harness their Size Calculator (before you buy) and then select from their breadth of models based on your starting size and long term goals.

The HydroXtreme 5 – this basic model is designed for those with penile lengths of 3-5.5 inches when erect.

The HydroXtreme 7 – this model has been created to assist those with slightly larger penises – 5.5 – 7.5 inches.

The HydroXtreme 7 Wide Boy – this device takes the HydroXtreme 7 model to the next level. Alongside being suitable for those with erect penile lengths of 7.5 inches or less; it has also been designed for those packing additional girth.

The HydroXtreme 9 – this model is perfect for those packing a little extra – 7.5-9.5 length erections.

The HydroXtreme 11 – extra length and girth are not a problem with this model as it has been designed to support men with extra thick penises that are more than 9 inches long.

In fact, each pump in this series slightly differs in design to help accommodate guys with dicks of all lengths, shapes, and ambitions.

If this wasn’t enough to spark your interest HydroXtreme has also been made from medical-grade materials (guaranteeing comfort and safety for all penis and skin types); is manually powered (there are no batteries, motors or electronic components involved – you are in complete control); makes no noise (you can confidently use this in the bath or shower and your partner will be none the wiser); includes a custom fitted security lock (to prevent accidents); comes with the added reassurance of a 60 day guarantee and 2 years warranty.

HydroXtreme harnesses water to create a suction like effect on your shaft, triggering increased blood flows into your corpora cavernosa.


  • Fill the pump with warm water from your bath or shower, and press on the pressure valve
  • Insert your dick and push the pump up to your pubic bone
  • Remove the water using the valve before compressing the main valve to release pressure
  • Safely remove the pump

You should use the pump for at least 15-20 minutes a day – broken into three 5 minute sessions with rest in-between.

As we’ve said before, all gains you achieve using penis pumps are only temporary and will fade away after a few hours. For long term gains, it is suggested that you treat it like weight training and commit to using this pump regularly.

You can order the Bathmate HydroXtreme using the link below or check out our full HydroXtreme review for more information.

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#2 – Penomet Premium


Considered the best alternative to the Bathmate HydroXtreme, Penomet Premium comes in second as it harnesses a revolutionary design that has been developed based on user feedback.

That’s right YOU – the public – have influenced its design evolution, ensuring that you benefit from an impressive and easy to use HydroPump.

Penomet differs from other HydroPumps as it is made up of a two part design, which includes the use of a switchable Gaiter System.

Combined, they allow you to slowly apply pressure to your dick, so that you can safely increase your penis size (length and girth) in the bath, shower or even on its own.

Admittedly, it works best in water, as like its competitors it utilizes an AquaPressure system to help create a vacuum around your dick.

However, the fact that you’ve even got the option to wear it in the shower, can give you greater flexibility about WHEN you choose to use it.

Personally, we advise you to stick with the water option as this ensures you benefit from the perfect experience.

You see, the biggest problem traditional penis pumps face is when changes in pressure (caused by the pumping motion) surrounding the penis causes some, but not all, of it to enlarge.

This means there is risk of your dick looking misshapen.

Thanks, but no thanks.

Using an AquaPressure System eliminates this problem as the use of water balances out the amount of volume/ pressure that is applied to the entirety of your penis, ensuring your whole dick receives the same amount (whilst in the cylinder).

Similarly, their use of a non-return valve and gaiter means that when compression stops, these will expand and ensure that your penis continues to receive equal pressure.

In either case, simply use it for 15 minutes at a time (split into three 5 minute sessions with breaks in-between), and you could potentially witness gains of up to 3 inches in length and a 30% increase in girth – when used repetitively.

The Process:

  • Start off with a purple 60 gaiter and attach it to the pump
  • Put the Penomet device over your penis and starting pumping gently until the vacuum seals
  • Take a break every five minutes for a total of 15 minutes
  • To take off the pump, simply press the valve found at the end of the cylinder

It is easy to see why Penomet is considered a strong alternative to HydroXtreme, as the way they tackle your erection needs slightly differ.

But that is not all that it has got to offer…

Penomet Premium is also backed by:

  • 2 years+ of consumer testing
  • 5 different gaiters – allowing you to slowly build up pressure over time (with regular use)
  • Users have witnessed 65% increases gains (in comparison to other pumps)
  • A money-back guarantee of 60 days plus a lifetime gaiter replacement promise

You can order Penomet using the link below or check out our full Penomet review for more information.

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#3 – Bathmate Hydromax


Hydromax is ideal for anyone looking for a mid-level pump that offers maximum power.

The biggest difference between it and the rest of its family, is its use of a bellow pump and a newly designed valve system that has been proven to provide you with 35% more force than traditional HydroPumps.

And this is all thanks to its stronger and more flexible design.

By increasing the volume of their internal bellow, this reduces the amount of convolutes that need to be done, ensuring that you remain 100% safe, comfortable and equipped to achieve genuine increases in size, erection potency and self-esteem.

Similarly, their new valve design (which now includes a latch) gives you increased control over the movement of water within the pump.

Instead, you can close the latch on the valve and stop water from escaping from the pump whilst you’re filling this – all using just one hand. At the same time, this valve is able to hold pressure for longer before slowly releasing it (so you don’t risk over pumping).

We particularly love the fact that within their 5 model collection, they have specially designed one that can assist users with micropenises.

And this is incredibly unique, as no other penis pump caters to this grouping. Hydromax are in fact alone in their mission to support men dealing with this condition; earning them a big thumbs up from us.

Amongst their collection you can choose from:

Hydromax 3 – ideal with an erection length of up 3 inches.

Hydromax 5 – perfect for users with dicks measuring 3-5 inch penises.

Hydromax 7 – recommended for anyone with an erection size of 5-7 inches.

Hydromax 7 – Wide Boy: this model caters for both length (5-7 inches whilst erect) and girth. So if you’re packing more in the girth department, then this is the pump for you.

Hydromax 9 – made for larger users (7-9 inches).

Another thing we like about Hydromax’s design is their use of a detachable comfort pad.

This comes with the bonus of offering you a tighter, yet more comfortable fit that reduces the need for pumping whilst minimizing loss of suction.

Likewise, their design is considerably better than a lot of their competitors, as they use a combo of a soft (to the touch) outer edge combined with a firmer inner tube.

Together, this offers you a sturdy shield and greater protection for your dick.

You can order the Bathmate Hydromax using the link below or check out our full Bathmate Hydromax review for more information.

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#4 – Bathmate Hydro7


If you’re new to male enhancement or on a budget, then this is the pump for you.

Sure, there is less variety with the Hydro series – with its singular design of one model (Hydro7) and not the usual five that you’d expect from Bathmate – however, this pump is perfect if you’ve never used a pump before as it is incredibly simple to use.

Plus, this pump is ideal if you’re limited budget-wise as it is considerably cheaper than its brothers.

Now, its lack of model choice doesn’t mean that it hasn’t got a lot to offer.

Aside from being the perfect starter kit (aimed at users with erection lengths of 5-7 inches); Hydro comes with a whole host of additional benefits.

Alongside offering you the assurance of healthier, harder, firmer erections, it has been found to: elevate your libido; offer you gains in length and girth on your very first try; improve your endurance, longevity and performance, and provide you with 100% protection (as it is made from the highest standard medical materials).

As you can see, it is a great way to introduce yourself to penis enlargement.

However, if your dick doesn’t fit into its 5-7 inch criteria, then you may find using any of Bathmate’s other design series a better option as they have got a larger range of models to pick from.

You can order the Bathmate Hydro7 using the link below or check out our full Hydro7 review for more information.

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Final Thoughts

The key to picking a penis pump is choice and flexibility – something which HydroXtreme achieves with little to no effort.

From their patented designs, reasonable prices and 60-day money-back guarantee, to their choice of five 100% safe and comfortable models; you can easily use the Bathmate HydroXtreme in or out of the shower and witness noticeable gains on your first try.

In fact, with continual use, you could achieve penis gains of up to 3 inches.

True, we wish they catered to micropenises as the Hydromax model does.

This is a niche that deserves more attention and support.

However, given the lengths they have gone to, to ensure that there is a model design to suit all men’s long term goals; we are willing to overlook this – especially as Hydromax is part of the Bathmate family and is easily accessible too.