Bathmate HydroMax Review

bathmate hydromax review

If you’re looking at this review, then you probably already know that when it comes to penis pumps, your best option is Hydro Pumps.

True, air pumps are vastly better in design these days and are more than equipped to give you instant gains in erection length, girth and quality. However, even with advancements in pressure gauges, many still pose a danger of distorting your penis by only enlarging parts of your dick – due to its compression/expansion design.

Hydro Pumps on the other hand, completely eliminate this problem through their use of water.

Not only can they help you to achieve the same impressive gains – up to 3 inches in growth to be precise. By using water to create this vacuum, you can experience the surety that your entire penis is receiving the same amount of pressure. Meaning no distortion of any kind! Only instant enhancements that are sure to make her sweat.

Yet how can you decide? How can you choose from the ever growing collection of Hydro Pumps out there?

Well, to help you get one step closer to your goals we have taken one of Bathmate’s popular designs: Hydromax and have broken it down to the bare bones.

From exploring its mechanics to reviewing its results; everything you need to know about Hydromax can be found below.

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What Is The Bathmate Hydromax?

Like we mentioned before, Hydromax is just one of many Hydro Pumps created by Bathmate to help men overcome erectile issues.

By harnessing the unique power of water, Hydromax seeks to create a vacuum around your penis that will encourage it to not only become erect but also increase – temporarily – in size.

What is funny though, is that Hydromax is considered an average pump for the average guy.

Yet, unlike its brothers, Hydromax can offer you 35% more power as its durable design harnesses both an internal bellow pump (which they’ve recently increased in size) and valve system to help bolster its suction capabilities. Together, they have reduced the number of convolutes/pumps required – helping to minimize the amount of effort you need to apply.

And this added power can make all the difference to how rapidly you achieve results.

You see, as this outward pressure builds across your penis and shaft, blood is forced to rush into your corpora cavernosa causing it to become engorged and erect. And this is great news for your sex life because no matter the reasons behind your penile issues – stress, anxiety, depression or erectile dysfunction – in less than 20 minutes you’ll be ready to take on the world.

All you need to do to bolster your size, sexual confidence and longevity, is to consider your starter size and goals, and then pick from any of their 5 models.

And we love the fact that they offer 5, as this means there is a pump size for EVERYONE – including men with a dick of 3 inches or less.

Hydromax are the only penis pump provider to cater for micropenises, providing much needed support to a group that is often overlooked.

Pump One: Hydromax 3 – designed for users with erect penises measuring 3 inches of less, this one of a kind pump can effectively support anyone with a micropenis by offering them the gains they crave.

Pump Two: Hydromax 5 – created with 3-5 inch penises in mind, this is often referred to as their ‘starter model’.

Pump Three: Hydromax 7 – is perfect for those who measure 5-7 inches when erect.

Pump Four: Hydromax 7 Wide Boy – this pump is basically their 7 model (suitable for those with erection sizes of 5-7 inches), but supports anyone who’s also packing some added girth.

Pump Five: Hydromax 9 – a step up from the last pump, this model is made for guys sporting 7-9 inch dicks.

How Does It Work?

Similar to many of Bathmate’s Hydro Pumps, Hydromax works by creating a suction like/vacuum effect around your dick. As this pressure builds, this encourages your penis to stretch outwards and stimulate increased blood flows to your dick.

Upon their arrival into your corpora cavernosa, this additional blood causes your penis to become bigger, firmer, harder and erect – within a matter of minutes.

What is particularly different about this pump – in comparison to its brothers – is that it has got a new valve system to help you control the movement of water in the pump.

And this is incredibly useful, as it enables you to control the amount of pressure applied as well as its distribution.

The idea behind adding a new latch to their valve is to enable you to close it and stop water from getting out (whilst you’re filling up the pump) – making it much more efficient!

At the same time, this valve allows you to hold pressure for longer before slowly releasing it (after you’ve completed your session). Once again this prevents you from over pumping and potentially damaging/bruising your erectile tissues.

In any case, by harnessing the power of water you can benefit from equal distribution of pressure and volume to your dick, ensuring that it becomes completely enlarged and not partially (as is often the case with air pumps).

Instead, you can witness immediate gains in penile length, girth, longevity and quality on your first try – perfect!

What Results Can You Expect?

Offering 35% more power per pump, you can feel certain that Hydromax can help you to overcome potential erectile issues and take back control of your sex life.

The fact that it can help to bolster blood flows and improve erection size by up to 3 inches in length (with regular use) means you can confidently say goodbye to erectile dysfunction as it will happily support you on your journey to achieving bigger, harder and firmer erections.

Yet if we had to summarise all of Hydromax’s results, then here is a brief list:

Penile increases on your first go – whilst you might not get 3 inches on your first attempt with this pump, with regular use you can expect decent gains in inches on every wear.

Improved erection size and strength – alongside earning some added inches, these additional blood flows will ensure that you experience significant improvements in erection strength, giving you the stamina to last well into the night.

Increased longevity – worrying about keeping it up – and maintaining it – will become a thing of the past with the support of Hydromax, as all of this blood flowing to your dick will make sure you remain erect and powerful to the bitter end.

Bolstered confidence – even if nerves, anxiety or erectile dysfunction have hindered you in the past, this Hydro Pump can offer you the security that you WILL achieve a rock hard erections that last EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Eliminates erectile dysfunction – this pump can offer you the security that you WILL get it up on demand.

How to Use the Bathmate Hydromax

Hydromax may differ slightly in its overall design – in comparison to other Bathmate models – however, the way each of their pumps work is incredibly similar.

For optimal results, it is strongly recommended that you use this pump in the bath or shower:

Option One: Using in the Shower

  • Before you attach the pump, take a brief 5 minute shower in warm water. The heat from this water will relax your muscles and encourage increased blood flows.
  • Once relaxed, start to fill your chosen pump with warm water. You will need to press down on the pressure valve to stop any water from getting out.
  • Carefully insert your penis into the pump, until the tube rests against your pubic bone.
  • Using the valve, release the water until it is completely emptied out.
  • Compress the main valve to gradually release pressure from the pump and then remove.
  • Repeat this process three times over 5 minute sessions and make sure to take breaks in-between.
  • This whole process should take 20 minutes tops.

Option Two: In the Bath

  • Similar to the shower, you should start off by soaking in a bath of warm water for roughly 5 minutes. This will help to relax your muscles and prepare you for the pump as it stimulates blood flows.
  • Fill the pump using warm water from your bath and once filled insert your dick. It is important that the pump sits against your pubic bone.
  • Begin pumping.
  • To get rid of the water, you will need to press down the valve before compressing the main valve. This will release pressure from the pump making it safe for you to remove.

PLEASE NOTE: like in the shower, you will need to repeat this a total of three times with each session lasting 5 minutes. Please make sure to take a break between sessions.

The Key Pros and Cons of the Hydromax

We wish we could say Hydromax is perfect – and to be honest, it isn’t that far off – however, there are some things you need to consider before you buy.


  • Produces results on your first wear – in less than 20 minutes you will see visible boosts in length, girth, blood flows and erection quality.
  • Regular use can produce penile length gains of up to 3 inches – true these are only temporary, but we doubt she’ll complain when you’re treating her to that extra stimulation.
  • Is 35% more powerful that traditional penis pumps – extra power = less pumps/convolutions but with faster results.
  • Enhanced design – their use of removeable comfort pads means you can achieve a tighter seal and still remain comfortable. Likewise, by sealing it more securely to your body, you can reduce the amount of pumps you need. Another benefit is their use of a soft-touch outer edge with a firm inner tube. Combined they can provide you with both support and protection.
  • Hydromax is the only penis pump provider to cater to micropenises – no other pump offers such support!
  • Can be used in and outside of the bathroom – yep, you can use this pump without water. However, for maximum results we suggest you stick with its water option and watch the inches pile on.
  • Incredibly easy to use – its durable design makes it possible for you to set it up and use using just one hand.
  • Complete discretion – true, pumps might cut into your sexual spontaneity HOWEVER you can easily stow away into the bathroom for a ‘quick’ shower and come out packing an impressive erection that she won’t be able to say no to.
  • 60 day money back guarantee – your satisfaction or your money back! It’s that simple.
  • 100% safe – its unique Aqua Pressure system prevents pressure from being unevenly distributed across your dick. Instead, water ensures your whole penis receives the same amount of volume and pressure, and as such enlarges everywhere. PLUS there is no risk of bruising, friction or erectile tissue damage as it goes out of its way to reduce the amount of pumps you need to do.
  • Can help you to overcome erectile dysfunction.


  • Results are only temporary – as is the case with all penis pumps (including Hydro ones), the results Hydromax can create are only temporary and will fade away. Yet, given how quickly you can gain these inches – within a matter of minutes – this won’t be a hindrance, especially when devices which aim to give you permanent gains can rarely match these kind of increases.
  • Pricey – we won’t lie. It isn’t cheap, so we suggest thinking carefully before you buy to make sure that this is the route you want to go.
  • No spontaneity – we touched on this briefly before. Generally 15 minutes feels like nothing; however, in the game of seduction, having to sneak off for 15 minutes before you start can take some of the fun and spontaneity out of sex.

Where to Buy the Bathmate Hydromax?

Ask yourself this – would you rather have the security of knowing that you’re definitely receiving the real deal? Or you would prefer to sacrifice this certainty in order to get a cheaper deal through a third party website?

You might think this is silly, but this is a genuine question that you need to ask yourself because it is possible to buy Hydromax from more than its official website.

Yet, like our questions suggest – the problem with going the third party route is that there is a higher chance that you’ll receive a fake imitation. A bogus product that offers no guarantees, no warranties and is highly likely to damage your penis due to its use of poor quality materials.

For this reason, we always recommend buying from their official website. Yes, it may be pricier but with their official website you’ve got the protection of their 60 day money back guarantee; their 2 warranty promise and the assurance that what you’ll receive is a credible penis pump that can safely help you to attain the penile gains that you crave.

Final Thoughts

Hydromax may be described as a powerful pump for average men, yet we feel this pump has got something to offer to everyone.

The fact that it is the only penis pump on the market to lend support to men with micropenises, makes it incredibly unique and versatile as it truly supports men of all shapes and sizes.

Add into the equation, its use of medical grade materials, 2 year warranty and 60 day money back guarantee, and you can also feel reassured that your penis – and your money – are in safe hands.

No matter where you choose to use it – in or out of water – Hydromax can guarantee you penile increases of up to 3 inches in length – plus stronger, more durable erections – because it is 35% more powerful than other pumps!

Is it a shame that these results aren’t permanent? Of course! But given that it can produce these impressive results in less than 15 minutes – which you can discreetly achieve away from prying eyes – getting the penis you want is within your hands – literally!

So if you’re looking for a quick and efficient way to overcome erectile issues, then why not consider adding Hydromax to your arsenal? With 5 models to choose from, you can easily find the perfect fit for you.

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