Proenhance Review – Does This Male Enhancement Patch REALLY Work?


Welcome to the NYBA Proenhance Patch Review.

These days’ pills appear to be the answer to everything. Diet? Blood pressure? Muscle growth? Erection quality? Pop a pill and hey presto you’re sorted.

But what if you’re not compatible with male enhancement pills? What if the idea of taking pill after pill every day leaves you feeling sick? What can you do?

Well, the first thing you need to realize is that you’re not alone…

Whether you struggle to swallow pills or you simply question how you’re meant to experience the full effects when it has to get past your stomach first; the reality is – pills are not the answer to everything.

Sure they are more common. And yeah they are readily accessible. However, pills are not the be-all and end-all – even in the male enhancement world.

In fact, it is now possible to put on a patch – in the same way, you would a nicotine one – and let it work its magic transdermally through your skin.

And ProEnhance is such a patch…

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What Is ProEnhance?

ProEnhance Patch is essentially a safe and alternative way to supercharge your sex drive, boost your confidence and attain bigger, harder erections without having to resort to taking pills multiple times a day.

Instead, you can simply slap this water-resistant patch onto a clean area on your abdomen (every 3 days), and over the course of a 72 hour period, watch as its 6 potent ingredients slowly seep into your bloodstream and unleash a fountain of sexual health benefits.

Elevated energy levels; bolstered stamina and longevity in the sack; greater ejaculate control; explosive, mind-altering orgasms; increased sex drive, blood flows, confidence and self-esteem… in one unique patch, you can safely transform your sexual encounters and experience the highs of lasting, powerful erections.

Users have even reported seeing erection length gains as the months go by – and who can say no to some added inches?

How Does It Work?

In many ways ProEnhance works like a nicotine patch in that it slowly releases its active ingredients into your bloodstream over an extended period of time.

Yet unlike its pill counterparts – that have to deal with the whole digestion process – ProEnhance is able to escape this step by releasing its ingredients directly into your body.

And it works…

By unleashing its ingredients in this manner, you can witness impressive gains in erection strength and firmness as it works to dilate your blood vessels and encourage more blood to enter into your penis when you’re aroused.

ProEnhance Patches are small, discreet and water-resistant (yep, you can confidently wear them when you exercise or in the shower) patches that are designed to be applied to a clean area of skin on your lower abdomen. You will need to do this every three days to ensure its ingredients remain strong and active within your body.

Once on, you won’t need to do anything else. Instead, its adhesive will slowly and consistently release its 6 active ingredients into your bloodstream (over the course of 72 hours) whilst you carry on with your day-to-day life.

In other words, it adopts a transdermal delivery system that cuts out the middle man – your digestive system – and instead gets its ingredients directly to where they are needed (via your skin and blood).

More importantly, it ensures you get just the right amount all day long and not a ‘single hit’ like you would with a pill.

ProEnhance Ingredients

By now you’re probably wondering ‘what are these 6 active ingredients that we keep talking about?’ Well, you’ll recognize most of them, as they are all celebrities amongst the male enhancement community.

In fact, their presence in this patch is a big plus for us as they have each got a proven history for assisting with erectile issues.

Let’s take a look…

Panax Ginseng

Common in Eastern Asia, Panax Ginseng is renowned for boosting libidos and sex drives, as well as improving physical performance, stamina and testosterone levels.

Multiple studies have found Ginseng to be beneficial in the treatment of male fertility.

During one double-blind study[1] by the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine (2002), they discovered that this plant helped to elevate the libidos and copulatory performance of their participants, by affecting their central nervous systems and gonadal tissues – triggering healthier erections.

Likewise, studies have noted how Ginseng can help to alleviate stress and bolster longevity.

He Shou Wu

Also known as Fo-Ti Root, this Chinese Knotweed has been used for centuries for its restorative properties. From revitalizing the body and your sex drive to improving erection quality and performance; it is widely recognized as a strengthening tonic.

In fact, since 1953 it has been used to combat age-related sexual decline by enhancing your virility and libido; bolstering your energy levels and longevity, and improving your circulation.

Gotu Kola

Commonly used in Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine as an energizing tonic for the brain and body; Gotu Kola has been strongly linked to microcirculation. In studies, it was found to increase blood flows – boosting erection hardness – and rebuild your energy reserves, giving you the stamina to pleasure your partner all night long.

It can also help to alleviate high blood pressure; neutralize blood toxins; balance your hormones, and relax your nerves.

Saw Palmetto

This native North American plant contains many beneficial properties including improving your reproductive health.

Numerous studies describe it as an aphrodisiac because it can help to elevate your energy levels, re-spark your libido and awaken your sexual appetite.

It also helps to stop testosterone from being converted into dihydrotestosterone, a hormone that is known to cause prostate cells to multiple and trigger prostate enlargement.

By acting anabolically, Saw Palmetto can essentially strengthen and build new body tissues; which is handy when it comes to maintaining an erection.


This Central American leaf has been used since the Mayans as an aphrodisiac to help restore sexual desire; boost stamina and erectile function, and heighten the intensity of orgasms.

By slightly stimulating your urethra, this can increase sensitivity in your penis. Similarly, by acting as a stimulant and improving oxygenation of your blood; this plant can increase your virility and encourage the development of a healthy and energized libido.


An organic compound typically found in corn mint, peppermint and other mint oils, in patches menthol acts as an astringent, enabling other ingredients to pass more easily through your skin at a faster rate.

What Results Can You Expect?

Before we enlighten you about all the results you can expect from ProEnhance Patch, there is just one thing we need to make clear – everyone is different.

Our bodies don’t always process things the same way, meaning your rate of success may vary from person to person.

That being said, users have experienced the following results whilst using this patch:

Month One: users have reported increases in sexual appetite, erection quality and stamina within the first 30 days.

Many in fact have witnessed gains in penile girth (whilst erect) on top of being able to maintain an erection for longer plus elevations in sexual desire/libido.

Month Two to Three – users have felt positive changes in their erection size and have commented on being able to penetrate deeper and more powerfully.

Likewise, their ejaculated volumes rose adding to the intensity and potency of their orgasms. Combined these helped to increase their sexual confidence and prowess in the sack.

Month Four – by this point, users felt better equipped to take full control of their sex lives as they regularly saw thicker, fuller erections. Many even experienced erection length gains.

Month Five – orgasms intensity, duration and potency will have grown and your erections will be significantly thicker.

As you can see, ProEnhance Patch is designed for the long haul.

Sure, you can experience promising, positive results in your first month. However, for the full effect you’ll need to use ProEnhance for a minimum of 4-6 months.

How to Use ProEnhance

To put it simply – ProEnhance relies on a transdermal patch delivery system to safely disperse its active ingredients into your blood.

It is quick, easy and simple, as all you need to do is reapply a fresh patch to a clean/dry area of your skin (usually your lower abdomen) every three days.

To apply, simply peel the adhesive backing off and press this sticky side firmly against your skin.

Once in place, you can leave it and carry on with your day, as it won’t interfere with you washing or exercising.

If anything, it is incredibly discreet and will look to passing eyes like a band-aid. No one will have a clue what it is.

And this is really handy if you’re forgetful, as there is no need to take multiple pills at set times of the day. Instead, you can just put a reminder on your calendar to change it after three days and the patch will do the rest.

NOTE: do NOT wear more than one patch a day and don’t keep using the same area of skin. Instead, try to give each area a week’s rest before you apply another patch there.

The Key Pros and Cons of ProEnhance

We have to admit that there is something rather enticing about ProEnhance Patch. Not only is it incredibly easy to use – slap on a patch and hey presto you’re on your way – it also harnesses many of the top male enhancement ingredients on the market.

But is there more to this patch than meets the eye? Is it as perfect as it seems?

Let’s take a closer look at its pros and cons:


Natural Ingredients – Formulated from six 100% natural ingredients – this patch contains no chemicals or synthetic ingredients making it safe to use.

Fast Results – Produces results faster than your average pill – as its ingredients transdermally pass through your skin and into your bloodstream, enabling them to go straight to where they are needed. Pills have to get past your digestive system first – and face the risk of losing some of their potency – before they even hit your bloodstream.

Money-Back Guarantee – Comes with a 100% guaranteed refund – if you’re not 100% satisfied you can get your money back.

Discreet Shipping – Privacy and discretion are its middle name – no one ever has to know what you’ve ordered as these patches look like simple band aids. This means you can comfortably wear them under your clothes and not have to worry about anyone finding out.

Easy to use – instead of taking multiple pills a day, all you need to do is apply one patch every three days. From there you can carry on with your day i.e. go to work, workout, go swimming… and this patch will stay firmly in place.

Unique Release System – Reliably releases its ingredients in even doses – these patches are designed to pace out their release so their presence stays constant in your system. Pills cannot offer this reassurance but instead work on the principal of giving you ‘one off hits’ that don’t last.

Free shipping – this helps to take the edge off its overall costs (which are pricey).

Patches are comfortable – true, you will need to change up your location and give the skin area a break (for around a week) after a couple of patches, but otherwise it is really comfortable. You won’t even know you’re wearing it as it uses skin-safe hypoallergenic adhesives.

Durable and water resistant – this means you won’t have to worry about it falling off when you have a wash.

Doctor approved – alongside its studies, this patch is 100% accredited by doctors.

Proven formula – Formulated based on years of research and testing.

Certificate of Analysis– you can easily view their Certificate of Analysis (on their website) which is proof that ProEnhance Patch contains exactly what it claims it does.

Most importantly, by wearing this patch you benefit from having: bigger, harder erections; toe-curling orgasms; elevated energy levels and stamina; increased arousal and sexual appetite; impressive ejaculations (adding to the potency of your orgasms) and greater confidence in the bedroom!


Minimum Age – You’ve got to be over 18 years old in order to use it.

Expensive – sadly this patch is pricier than most pills. Now, whilst this may put some of you off, we personally don’t see it as a negative. Why? Because it is considerably more effective at enhancing your sexual health compared to male enhancement pills. PLUS it requires a lot less time and effort on your part.

Temporary Results – ProEnhance Patch only works for as long as you use it. Once you stop its benefits will fade. In fact, it is recommended that you use this patch for at least 3 months.

Where to Buy ProEnhance?

There are a lot of websites that claim to sell ProEnhance, and some of these third-party sites probably do sell the real deal. However, for the added security of knowing that you are receiving a genuine product, we recommend that you ALWAYS buy from their official website.

Yes, this might mean that you pay more than you would elsewhere. Yet by buying straight from the source, there is no need to worry about the quality of their product or their ingredients, as they will be able to verify the quantities, dosages and purity of their formulation.

Likewise, you will be able to take advantage of their 100% money back guarantee, package deals/bonuses, free shipping offer and the surety that their patches are 100% safe and side effect free.

Third parties cannot offer you such assurances. Quite often they will send you fake imitations that contain poor quality ingredients which aren’t combined at their optimal dosages.

For this reason, stick to their official website and don’t let the temptation of cheaper deals tempt you to go elsewhere

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a simpler, more efficient way to support your sexual health, then ProEnhance Patch is the way to go.

Not only does its harness many of the top male enhancement ingredients currently on the market – ingredients which have proven themselves during countless studies to be effective at boosting blood flows and erection strength, longevity and potency – it is also incredibly easy to use.

In fact, in comparison to pills it is a breeze. As instead of having to consume countless pills daily; with ProEnhance all you’ll need to do is pop on a patch every three days. Simple.

It is also more efficient than traditional male enhancement pills as it skips your digestion system and goes straight to the source by transdermally transferring its ingredients directly into your bloodstream.

It truly makes enhancing your sex life easy, stress free and attainable as there is no need to worry about the ‘bust’ or ‘boom’ effect of pills.

Instead, with ProEnhance you can trust that you’ll consistently put on a fantastic performance in and out of the bedroom.

So if you’re looking for an alternative way to overcome erectile issues and get back on form, then why not order ProEnhance Patch?

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