Top 3 Semen Enhancers

Top 3 Semen PillsThis review looks at some of the best semen enhancers on the market for 2021.

Perhaps you have noticed that your semen volume has gone down, and your orgasms have become less than impressive.

If you have been wondering what you can do to bring back the spark in your sex life, this review is for you.

Semen enhancers such as the ones discussed here are designed to increase semen volume, give bigger, harder erections, and increase testosterone levels.

This combination of benefits will supercharge your sex life and solve all your sexual performance problems.

How Do Semen Enhancers Increase Ejaculation Volume?

Scientific research shows that age and various lifestyle and environmental factors can decrease sperm volume in men.

When a man has low sperm volume, he may struggle with low libido and have difficulty achieving a quality erection.

These issues can seriously impede sex life leading to low self-esteem and problems in relationships.

Semen enhancers are designed to address these problems.

They are formulated with specific herbal extracts, libido enhancers, minerals, and vitamins that benefit the body in several ways to improve sexual function.

They increase semen production, which results in longer and more pleasurable orgasms.

By increasing blood flow, they ensure that you get bigger and harder erections, a requirement for satisfying sex.

A good semen booster will also raise your t-levels and give you better control over your erections.

To ensure that you are up to the game, semen enhancers also contain aphrodisiacs that boost your sexual desire.

They will also improve your motivation for sex and give you frequent sex ideas.

Benefits of Taking Semen Enhancer Supplements

Some of the benefits you can expect from semen enhancer supplements are:

  • Better sperm quality
  • Increased self-confidence in the bedroom
  • Better erection quality
  • Increased semen volume
  • Higher testosterone levels
  • Better control over erections and ejaculation
  • Enhanced sexual desire and motivation
  • More pleasurable orgasms

Do These Supplements Increase the Sperm Count Naturally?

Yes, the semen enhancers discussed in this review increase sperm count naturally.

This is because they are formulated from natural ingredients comprising aphrodisiacs, vitamins, herbs, and minerals that have been scientifically researched and proven.

These nutrients work alongside the body to improve functioning in different areas.

They do not contain any artificial additives, stimulants, chemicals, or allergens.

This means that you will not experience nasty side effects.

Similarly, you do not require a prescription to purchase these natural sperm enhancers.

List of The Most Effective Semen Enhancement Supplements that Increase the Amount of Ejaculate

This review discusses two of the best semen enhancers in the market today. Let us look at each separately:

#1 Semenax


Semenax is a dietary supplement that promises to increase your semen production and give you longer, more pleasurable orgasms.

It is made with 17 natural ingredients that have been carefully selected for their ability to improve sexual health and function.

It increases nitric oxide levels in the body, which relaxes and widens veins, allowing the sufficient flow of blood and other nutrients.

Increased blood flow to the penile tissues ensures that you get hard and quality erections.

Semenax also raises testosterone levels, which is crucial for semen production.

It also contains several aphrodisiacs that enhance sexual desire, as well as antioxidants that protect sexual cells from damage caused by free radicals.

Semenax is manufactured by Leading Edge Health, a dietary supplements company based in Cyprus.

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Some of the ingredients you will find in this potent semen enhancer are:

Swedish Pollen Flower– This herb reduces inflammation and reduces blood cholesterol levels, thus regulating prostate function. This increases blood flow and regulates erectile function.

L-Arginine HCL– This amino acid is converted into nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide relaxes and widens veins, promoting better blood and nutrient circulation to the penile tissues. This results in bigger and better erections.

Epimedium Leaf– Also known as horny goats weed, this herb inhibits chemicals that stop proper blood flow to the penis. Increased blood flow results in better quality erections.

Zinc Oxide– Zinc plays an essential role in raising testosterone levels in the body. Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for building muscle, sexual pleasure, strength, stamina, and semen production.

Catuaba Bark– Catuaba bark is another herbal extract that is a potent aphrodisiac. It boosts sexual desire and arousal and has been used to treat erectile dysfunction for hundreds of years.

Vitamin E– Vitamin E raises testosterone levels improving penile function, stamina, and libido.

L-Carnitine– This amino acid raises energy levels and improves moods, which is important for libido and sustained sexual performance.

Other ingredients in Semenax are:

  • Pumpkin seed
  • Maca
  • Pine bark extract
  • Muira Pauma
  • Hawthorne Berry
  • Cranberry
  • Wild oat straw
  • Sarsaparilla
  • L-Lysine

Pros & Cons


  • Made from natural ingredients that have been proven to work
  • Increases semen production
  • Enhances libido and gives better orgasms
  • Made by a reputable company
  • Comes with a 67-day money-back guarantee
  • Ships worldwide
  • Enjoys many positive reviews from users


  • It may take two to three months to see the results
  • Some people might find it pricey
  • Results are not standard and vary with people

Money-Back Guarantee

The makers of Semenax, Leading Edge Health, offer a 67-day money-back guarantee to people who are not satisfied with the purchase.

This allows you two full months to try it and a week to make returns if you so desire.

Please note that the refund will not be accepted if returned after 67 days.

If you would like to buy larger packages to take advantage of the price discounts, you can do this as long as you return all unopened bottles alongside the two opened bottles.

All refunds are made less shipping charges.

Semenax Pricing

On the official website, you will be able to buy Semenax as follows:

One-month supply

  • 1 bottle: $59.95 + Shipping

Two-month supply

  • 2 bottles: $109.96 + shipping

Three-month supply

  • 3 bottles: $154.95 + shipping

Four-month supply

  • 4 bottles: $199.96 + shipping
  • 1 free bottle of VigRX Pills
  • Free shipping

Five-month supply

  • 5 bottles: $244.95
  • 1 free bottle of VigRX Pills
  • Free shipping

Six-month supply

  • 6 bottles: $289.98
  • 1 free bottle of VigRX Pills
  • Free shipping

12-month supply

  • 12 bottles: $399.96
  • 1 free bottle of VigRX Pills
  • Free shipping

How Semenax Pills Help You with Better Erections and Bigger Loads

Semenax supercharges your sexual function by increasing nitric oxide levels, which is critical for improving blood supply.

Nitric oxide is a vasodilator that relaxes veins, allowing blood to flow to the penile tissues.

Proper blood flow ensures hard rock erections that can be sustained over time.

Semenax also increases testosterone levels, which boosts stamina, libido, and energy.

It also increases sperm production, ensuring bigger loads and even more intense orgasms.

Results You Can Expect with Semenax

  • Increased production of sperm
  • Higher testosterone levels
  • Longer and more intense orgasms
  • Enhanced libido
  • Long term sexual health
  • A boost in self-confidence

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#2 Volume Pills

Volume Pills

Volume Pills is a semen enhancer that promises to give you the best sex of your life and transform you into a porn star.

It does this by increasing your ejaculation volume by 500% with each orgasm and giving your harder and bigger erections.

Volume Pills harnesses the power of selected herbal extracts that have been used to treat erectile dysfunction, enhance libido, and boost strength and stamina.

These nutrients comprise antioxidants that protect cells from inflammation and oxidative stress.

They also facilitate blood flow, which is crucial for building and sustaining an erection.

Volume Pills also increases testosterone levels, which in turn facilitates testosterone production.

When you have high semen levels, your muscles will need to contract harder to expel it, leading to more intense orgasms.

Volume Pills is manufactured by Leading Edge Health, a company that uses natural, scientifically proven formulas in their supplements.

This company is based in Cyprus and makes nootropics, male enhancement pills, fat burners, and skincare products.

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Some of the ingredients you will find in this potent semen enhancer are:

Ku Gua– This bitter herb boosts testosterone levels, which in turn improves muscle mass, libido, and strength.

Solidilin– This substance contains L-dopa, a chemical that helps in the production of dopamine, the pleasure hormone.

Ling Zhi– This is a mushroom that improves immunity and raises energy levels for sustained sexual performance.

Zinc- Zinc is crucial for the formation of testosterone, which stimulates the production of sperm.

San Guo Mu- This Asian herb gives you better control over your erections and ejaculation during sex.

Xian Mao- This is an ancient aphrodisiac that will keep your fire burning in and out of the bedroom.

Tian Men Dong– If you are struggling with impotence, this herb is particularly useful as it will restore your sexual function within no time.

Other ingredients in Volume Pills are:

  • 4, 5, 7 Trihydroxy flavone and Emblica Officinalis
  • Xi lan rou gui and Hong Hua Fen
  • Tian Men Dong
  • Drilizen
  • Fucus Vesiculosus

Pros & Cons


  • It promises to raise semen volume by 500% in every ejaculation
  • Increases blood flow and testosterone levels
  • Enhances libido and boosts stamina
  • Made from natural ingredients with no side effects
  • Does not require a prescription on purchase
  • The formula is supported by clinical research
  • The manufacturer offers a 67-day money-back guarantee
  • Made in FDA approved labs


    • Free shipping is selective and only applies to larger purchases
    • The formula does not contain vitamins and crucial minerals
  • Results are not guaranteed

Money-Back Guarantee

Leading Edge Health offers a 67-day money-back guarantee on the first purchase.

This means that you are free to try the product for two months, and if you are still not satisfied, you can return it for a refund.

Any refunds that come in after 67 days will not be honored.

Volume Pills Pricing

One-month supply

  • 1 bottle: $65.00 + shipping

Two-month supply

  • 2 bottles: $110.00 + shipping

Three-month supply

  • 3 bottles: $160.00
  • Free global shipping
  • Free subscription to Erection System

Six-month supply

  • Six bottles: $250.00
  • Free global shipping
  • Free subscription to Erection System
  • Free 1 bottle ProSolution pills

12-month supply

  • 12 bottles: $348.95
  • Free global shipping
  • Free subscription to Erection System
  • Free 1 bottle ProSolution pills

How Volume Pills Can Help with Erectile Dysfunction and Improve Sexual Function

Volume Pills is the ultimate ally when it comes to improving sexual function.

It is formulated with natural ingredients that improve blood flow, semen production and raise testosterone levels.

In particular, blood flow ensures that you get hard erections, which is crucial for satisfying sex.

Similarly, it enhances libido and increases energy and stamina, boosting performance.

Results You Can Expect with Volume Pills

  • A 500% increase in semen volume per ejaculation
  • Bigger, harder, and longer erections
  • An increase in testosterone levels
  • Improved libido and sexual stamina
  • Better blood flow to the penile tissues
  • Better control over your erections and ejaculations
  • A boost in self-confidence

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do Semen Enhancers Really Work?

Semen enhancers work, particularly if they are formulated with the right combination of nutrients, including amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and herbal extracts.

If added in the right doses, these natural ingredients raise testosterone levels, which in turn supports muscle building, energy, and semen production.

They also increase blood flow within the penile muscles leading to hard and strong erections.

Finally, semen enhancers boost libido and protect cells from oxidative stress, keeping everything in proper working order.

Q2. How Fast Do Semen Enhancers Work?

Semen enhancers are natural dietary supplements that work alongside the body to improve sexual function.

This process takes time, and you will begin to see results between several weeks and three months.

For the best results, you should take the pill continuously, as advised.

Q3. Is the Shipping Discreet?

Yes, nobody will know what you have purchased unless you tell them yourself!

The manufacturers of semen enhancers will ship the product in non-descript packaging that does not reveal the contents.

Similarly, your credit card bill will also carry a name that does not reveal what you paid for.

Q4. Are Semen Enhancers FDA Approved?

Semen enhancers are dietary supplements.

The FDA does not directly approve dietary supplements, but it checks all ingredients to ensure that they are safe and of high quality.

Thus, the efficacy and overall performance of a supplement are left to the manufacturer.

This is why it is vital to purchase your semen enhancer from a reputable maker such as Leading Edge Health.

Conclusion / Final Verdict

This review looked at two of the best semen enhancers available in the market today.

Semen enhancers are dietary supplements that boost semen production, giving you bigger and more pleasurable orgasms.

They also facilitate better blood flow, resulting in bigger and stronger erections.

To ensure that you are on top of your game, semen enhancers enhance libido, stamina and boost energy, making you ready for sex at the drop of a hat.

Semenax, in particular, is formulated with 17 natural ingredients comprising of amino acids, herbal extracts, vitamins, and minerals.

These work together to supercharge libido, blood flow, energy, and sperm production.

This supplement promises you immediate pleasure as well as long term sexual health.

Volume Pills makes a bold claim of increasing your cum by 500% with each orgasm.

This semen enhancer is primarily made up of ancient herbal extracts that have been used in China for thousands of years to treat erectile dysfunction.

Its other benefits are bigger and better erections, better cell health as it fights oxidative stress, and increased strength and stamina.

Both semen enhancers are manufactured by Leading Edge Health, a supplements company based in Cyprus.

Leading Edge uses 100% natural ingredients and manufacturers its products in FDA and cGMP certified facilities.

Further, it backs its claims with a 67-day money-back guarantee for those who may not get the results they expected.

When you buy larger packages, you stand to benefit from free worldwide shipping as well as free bottles and magazine subscriptions.

If, as a man, you find yourself struggling with weak erections, low libido, and lackluster orgasms, the semen enhancers described here can turn things around for you.

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